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    The AI starter Kit for everyone

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  • What's WIKIT?

    A real AI device with learning, memorising and categorising as human-being

    An AI device which connected with all sensors wirelessly

    An AI device programming visually with iPAD

  • Neural network support

    Wants make your device smarter? No problem! We integrated Intel Curie module in Wikit. You can training your device instead of coding it.

    Drag & drop

    In the Wikit programming tools, you just need to drag the software node and link them in the iPad. The software programming is easy for everyone.



    We provide more than 28 different function modules, include basic light sensor, sound sensor, motor controller, etc. you can use them to realize your fast prototype easily.


    To break the limitation of the distance and the space. We make every module wireless and small and one button cell for few months. You don’t need to wired them together, just let Wikit to guarantee the link stability.













  • How does wikit work?

  • Team member

    Bob Bao

    Production Function Architecture, Firmware Engineer

    He has 8 years’ experience in chip verification, and worked for AMD for many years. Familiar with a large number of chip solutions. Now he is working on architecture design and firmware design for startups.

    Jeff Fu

    Production Structure Architecture, Hardware engineer

    He has 10 years’ experience in hardware design, and worked for Cisco for many years. Familiar with hardware design, production yield rate control and production cost control.

  • Project story

    Hi, I’m Bob. Jeff and I are the co-funder of the Wikit. We were roommate in college. We have made a lot of ideas in college, but due to technology limition, we missed a lot of chance to make the ideas become real good productions. After graduate we were all employees of some large companies for many years, but we still have same ideal. So we quit from these company and back together, and working for our dreams.

    As well known, deep learning technology keeps learning developing these years. With this trend, many more breakthrough products will be developed such as self-driving car, high-intelligent robot etc.

    The aim of the project is to wipe out all the technology thresholds and let everyone join the AI trend. Three steps to build your own AI hardware!

    We believe every good ideas should be protected, and we although know the difficulty of development. So we make Wikit. We hope it can reduce the difficulty of development, allowing users to pay more attention to creativity.
    So please support us by liking, sharing our facebook page, Thank you!


    Don’t let the amazing idea just a idea!

    Let Wikit help you to make it happen




  • Connect Us

    We gonna launch AI-Kit on Indiegogo in Dec 2016.

    Please mail us if you are interested in this project.

    We will update the latest information to you.